I've been wanting to take an old Sinar 4×5 camera on a backpacking trek

Mostly just because I can. I've been working on an ultralight backpacking setup knowing that this camera is HEAVY!

But I don't have much practice running film through it yet.

But tonight I started working on a 'digital' film holder for it. My Cell phone. CDROMs… Microscopes… various 35mm lenses where all tried.

The upside down photo of  a soda box was taken hand-held.

I think I am on to something…

If I can get the phone camera to focus sharply on the film-plane I can do both cell phone based digital and film tilt-shift photography.

In album 2014-05-07

An old Sinar 4×5 camera and various bits and bobs trying to get a cell phone to work with the camera.

A grainy photo taken through the Sinar camera with my cell phone. The camera flips the image.

I may need to find a camera app that allows me to ‘flip’ the image back. Or not. Working with the camera in it’s analog mode is fun too.

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