The Powell Wedding in the Florida Keys

I went to the Florida Keys this last weekend. The furthest south I have ever been in my life by a good long ways. Two of my friends from Florida where getting married. Chris & Chris Powell they are now. You can’t imagine how confusing it is to talk about one of them. It was a wonderful wedding on the beach in Key West, Florida. I took over 10 rolls of film with my Nikon N80 SLR camera, those photos will be posted later, after they are developed. I lent my digital camera to Keara, and she (and whomever else picked my camera up) took 180 photos with it!

Chris and Chris saying I DoChris and Chris saying “I Do” on the beach. There where twenty people their between friends and family, a very nice, small wedding in the sand. Can you imagine a prettier location? Sandy beach, palm trees, sun-bathers…

Mr. and Mrs. Powell and their friends.Somehow I managed to make the “very short list” of friends. Here are all the non-family who where at the wedding. I would give all the names for the people in this photo, but I can never remember Lori’s name. She got mad at me for sticking my camera in her face during all the photos. I let the photographer do his thing, and I was taking photos of other stuff, like everyone all dressed up, not staring glassy-eyed into the camera lens.

The wedding cakeAfter the wedding and the photos, we went to a place on Duval Street called Fogarty’s. We had the upstairs to the place and all of us got around 2 large tables. The food was really good. Mr. Chris did the smearing of cake onto Mrs. Chris’s face. I think this is the best cake that I have EVER had! It had strawberries inside of it. YUM!

Shaking of the bootieChris wore her dress the whole night. She had a blast parading around Mallory Park for the Sunset Festival. People would stop and congratulate her, honk the horns on their cars and scooters driving by, it was a lot of fun. We ended up at Rick’s for a night of bootie shaking!

Photo Credits: Assorted (read, I haven’t a clue!) Posted by Picasa

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