Photos from the Powell Wedding in the Florida Keys.

I started to get my film developed tonight. I grabbed 3 rolls at random and went off in search of a 1 hour lab. I stopped by at Wolf Camera first. They want around $15 to get my double prints plus index print and a CDROM for a 24 exposure roll AFTER I buy the fotoclub card or whatever their discount card is. That is going to be $200 to get the photos developed. MADNESS

I ended up at Target. The local target seems to do a good job. $11 a roll. I can’t read their receipt, they ring it up differently then they sell it. I guess it isn’t all that much cheaper then Wolf Camera is…

The end of the Road.

I went all the way to the end of the road. As far south as you can drive. I like the house number.


Chris’s neice.

Chris and her father

Chris and her father, John Downs.

Brother Chris

Brother Chris’s father.

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