Good bye bank

Banking woes.

When I moved to Florida, I couldn’t cash my paycheck – no bank. I had an account with a Wisconsin bank.

So I picked a new bank. I tried to pick a big one, one that had branches everywhere. This way, if I needed to do some banking, there is likely to be one nearby.

I do most of my banking online, so having a convenient branch, like on the way home to work, etc, isn’t that big of deal for me.

This proved to be handy when I moved to Illinois. The closest branch to me is the town south of me, so about 10 miles or so. I have been there twice. Once, right after moving, and once fairly recently to open a second checking account so I can separate my monthly expenses from my discretionary money. (let me tell you, this helped me budget MUCH better). When I was there last, they said they where opening up a branch quite near to me.

One small problem. My bank doesn’t exist anymore.

Yesterday, JP Morgan Chase bought Wamu from the FDIC.

They say not to worry. Everything will be fine. I will start seeing Chass branding where I am used to seeing Wamu branding. They say my paycheck is safe and sound, I can still write checks, and my debit card should work line normal.

Today, my debit card was very slow to ring up for lunch.

I guess that means I won’t be getting my new local branch office. No matter, there is a big, fancy Chase office at the corner of my block where I live. Can’t get much closer then that! They say I will be able to use it starting sometime next year. I am not likely to need going into a bank before then anyhow.

They say not to worry. I don’t think I will. My debit card still worked today.

However, I think I am going to get a bit more cash on hand, just to be safe.

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  1. Here’s a new bumper sticker: my bank can kick your bank’s ass

    Welcome to the Chase family. Hey, I used to be with BankOne (who I think was the result of a merger) and then they got bought out.

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