My attempt at a treehouse

I saw one here earlier I really liked. I am not even close to being able to build something like that yet.

In album MineCraft treehouse take 1

This is NOT my treehouse… Not sure why I grabbed this photo.

The Big Tree by night. I need to work on the light/dark wood transition. The darker trees where not cooperating with dropping saplings. I’ve only half a dozen in the world and that’s all I can seem to keep.

The door is peeking out from between the roots.

After tumbling off the top, I decided to take a look to make sure it was right.

A buddy walked right past it. I guess the tree looks good enough.

Steps out a branch that reaches the side of the cliff.

Looks like a little more work needs to be done on the branch going to the left.

Looking down from a nearby cliff.

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