New Flashlight – NEBO AT09J

(FYI, I have a flashlight fetish, just so you know)

I’ve carried a little pen flashlight around in my pocket for a while now (on the right in the photo). I keep a few feet of duct tape wrapped around it.

I’ve been happy with it for what it is. A cheap LED flash-light that I always have on my person. It takes a AAA battery, which has lasted for a year now maybe?

It’s good for a few feet – 5-10 feet. Great for finding stuff in the dark, making sure I don’t trip and fall at night, etc. It won’t reach across the warehouse at work though, so I can’t make sure nobody is in there when I lock up at night if I am the last one there.

I found a new flashlight Sunday that looks pretty good. It was $10, so not cheap, but not expensive either. It’s all metal construction with o-rings, so it should be pretty water resistant. It takes a AA battery, so it’s easy to replace the battery.
It said it’s 35 lumens, and it’s MUCH brighter then my old one. It’s shorter, but wider, so it will fit in my pocket a little better.

The power button is recessed in the end, which is good, it’s less likely to get turned on while in my pocket. The button is glow in the dark, which is kinda funny, because it needs light to charge. Oh well.

The one thing with this light, is that it is too short for wrapping duct tape around it. The rubber middle can slide off, and that looks to be the same size as electrical tape, so I may wrap a few feet of electrical tape around it. It will work the same as the rubber grip, and be more useful.

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  1. I bought the same one(black) a few months ago and it works very well. It makes a good fist pack and the self defense face make it even better. I bought my GF a silver version, she takes everywhere now too. Take it easy


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