Cat Climber

My Cats LOVE to climb, up in my closet, on my entertainment center, the kitchen counter, everywhere that they can go. I had bought one of those little cat scrathing posts. They seem to like it, but it just didn’t seem big enough for them.
So I decided to fix that problem for them.
 I had some spare parts from making my bed frame. I decided to make it into a BIG cat scratching post. Does 6 feet tall qualify as big?

 I picked up some 10″ shelf brackets to help reinforce the differnet pieces. All said in done, I am going to have $30-$35 bucks wrapped up in this eyesore. Most of this will be for the sisal rope. I figure I am going to need 400 feet of rope to wrap the 16 feet of 2×6 that I am using for uprights.

 Of course AFTER I nailed on the first piece of rope do I think of wrapping the wire-staples in some of the twine that they tied the sisal rope with.

  I have it propped up against the wall for now, so it doesn’t fall over. I will eventually tack it to the wall when I find it’s final location. This is just to keep the cats from getting hurt if they ever hit it hard enough to tip it over. Brother here is already climbing up it. He is looking for more to climb. I think he will love the finished item.

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