Assembling the pieces for the second half of the Kayak

Stacked wood ready for drilling. I figured out that if I stack the stringers and braces up to 4 tall, add my hole template, and a back board, I can drill my holes straighter. I think it is because I am taking more time to make sure I get the holes straight. I am also aiming for the bottom piece, which seems to help too. Lowe’s has drill presses for $100. I might see if I can look around for one on sale somewhere.

Stacked aluminum brackets. I cut the braces and brackets all in one fell swoop with the jig saw. I am so glad I dug that out of storage. I even cut one extra little bracket to replace the one I screwed up the other night. I cut all the 2 inch pieces first. It is so much easier cutting the little pieces when you have a handle to hold on to.

Aluminum bar stock marked and ready for drilling I have marked this piece for drilling. I didn’t have enough aluminum bar stock to make the other one like it. I made one out of a bit of 2″ plywood. It worked for getting everything assembled. I picked up a new stick of 2″ wide, 1/8 aluminum. The only piece Lowe’s had left was 8 feet long! I only needed 5 and a half inches for this boat! Oh well, I got lots for the next 2 boats I am going to make.

Goodyear Blimp I wasn’t the only one making a lot of noise. Helicopters have been going around and around like they are lost for the last 2 days. This blimp happened to move slow enough that I could grab the camera and take a photo of it.
I was thinking… Zeppelins are a skin on frame construction….

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