Cutting Corners…

 Because I am making this boat low budget, no space, and to have something to do, I am using a lot more hand tools then other people might. To round the corners of the stringers and braces, I am using a blockplane. The blockplane works really well for beveling the edges, but it doesn’t like rounding the corners. So I am cutting the corners off with a cheap hand saw miter box. I made up a jig to I can just drop my pieces in and cut them. The black pieces are cammed locks that hold the piece to be cut.
 Cutting the corners off takes a lot of the work out of rounding the corners of the braces. I just hit the shoulders of the cut with the block plane a couple of times, and I have a nice, round corner.
 The little piece of wood to the right is my jig and it really makes this a slick process. You can see that this is a cutting jig as well as a drilling jig. The whole is worn out from using it as a template for my centered hole 1/2 inch from the end. I need to make a new drill guide from another scrap piece of wood.

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