The extra holes are to cut weight, right?

 I got half of the frame assembled tonight. It was getting dark, and I was trying to hurry, and I couldn’t figure out why this thing wasn’t folding very well. I put it down, and the problem jumped right out at me. I drilled one of the aluminum braces incorrectly.

 I was trying to get this piece done before dark last night, and measured my 5 inches from the end hole from the wrong hole. Oohps. That is what I get for hurrying, right?

 The frame assembled with the hole in the right spot makes the frame look right. I have the wrong hardware for assembling the frame. I got pan headed screws instead of flat headed screws. I have to go find the right screws. Once I counter sink where the screws go, and drill in the nuts so they can be pressed into the braces and stringers, this should fold up nice and tight. Lowe’s didn’t have the right screws, or at least, I didn’t see them 10 minutes from closing time when I bought the ones I have. At least nuts and bolts don’t go bad, and you always seem to need some.

 It looks like I am not getting my holes square in the middle and straight. I could either replace the bad pieces, or shave off where they are rubbing. I think I am going to shave them for now. I can always make new braces in the future. I do wish I had a drill press though. I would make a quick jig and I could bang out these holes perfectly so fast. One of these days…

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