Rough Assembled Frame

Assembled boat frame. Tada, the assembled boat frame. Now I get to take it all apart, round the corners that need to be rounded, bevel the edges that need to be beveled, counter sink the holes that need to be countersunk, cut in all my nuts, sand, and urethane the frame. Fhew, that sounds like work to me! Oh wait, then I have to put it all back together! This will be a good project for during the week. I can do a section at a time.

Mike Creuzer sitting in his PakYak Folding Kayak frame. Design Flaw. A 12 foot PakYak won’t fit all six foot four inches of me. This photo has my back touching the rear thwart and my feet touching to front one. I won’t have to worry about putting the spray skirt on while I am in this boat. I am going to have to sit down next to the boat, and see how much longer I NEED to make the next one in order for me to fit into it. I am going to finish this one up as I have the extra wood already, a lot of the aluminum for a new frame. I am thinking that Katie is too tall to fit into this one as well, so I just as well sell it to recoup some of the money I spent on the boat. So, if anybody wants a 12 foot finished PakYak Folding Kayak. I will have one for sale. If you speak up now, you can even pick the color skin you want. Make me an offer… Or I am willing to trade it for an Industrial, heavy material sewing machine that I need to sew up the skin.

Side view of the rough finished PakYak Frame. Here is a side view of the boat. The pieces that are going down the center, and then down to the ground get a little hook on the end,and they lock the whole front and back together. I haven’t made the little hooks or the slots that they fit in yet, so they hang loose like you see for now.

PakYak Frame and some real boats on the Fort Lauderdale Florida Intercoastal. I don’t think it is ready to go in yet. I just thought I would let the boat see what is has in store for it. Maybe if I start at an early age, I can scare it into not leaking on me.

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