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 I don’t know what I was thinking, trying to cut all the aluminum pieces with a hacksaw. I had at the pieces with my jigsaw, which I picked up last night, and got more work done tonight then I did the whole week. I finished cutting the 10″ mid brace I was working on when I wrecked my hacksaw blade. I made up the other one, and I made up 2 of the 2″ little braces too. I figured out that I want to cut the tab out of the little braces before I cut it off the aluminum stock. I don’t want my fingers that close the blade on the jigsaw. I cut 1 tab off the wrong side of the corner in the angle. Oohps. So now I need to re-cut that piece. I will worry about it later when I do the finish work on the aluminum. I am anxious to see this boat come together, well at least the frame, so a lot of the corners aren’t being rounded and so forth. A lot of that is because I am only getting an hour, hour and a half of work time in before it gets dark. People, if you have a workshop, appreciate it! Working in the dark sucks.

 So now I think I have half the frame done. That does not mean I have the frame half done though. The “half” that I show here unfolded needs to get the braces all put in. That is where it looks to get really fun. Being able to fold and unfold this thing to my hearts content. So tomorrow night, I think I am going to drill the holes in the 2 flat bar pieces of aluminum for this half, and assemble all the braces. Then hopefully this weekend I can build the other half of the frame.

I might need to find my canvas for the skin sooner than I had thought!

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