I am now Famous!

Like I said in an earlier post, I had sent a message to the inventor of the PakYak, Jim, letting him know I was building one, and thanking him for his hard work. He offered to link to my blog. I expected to get put into the “examples” page with the other people who have completed a PakYak. I made the home page! My name is misspelled, but, hey, I have been called worse.

Talk about pressure! Now I am going to HAVE to finish this project! Good thing I went tonight and picked up my jigsaw from a friend’s garage where it was being kept. I should be able to get the aluminum pieces cut faster and more accurately then with the hacksaw I was using.

I never thought I would be a DIY Boat Building Celebrity! Maybe I need to FINISH the kayak before I can make the examples page. I had better hurry so I can secure place number 6.

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