Kayak Mishaps

Well, today was a bust. It seems like the only thing I got done was breaking tools. I managed to make 1 small bracket and one 10″ bracket tonight, but at the cost of a hacksaw blade, a small clamp, and 2 Dremel cutoff wheels.

I am not sure where my jigsaw is. I think it is in a friends garage down here in Florida. He didn’t remember seeing it out, so it is probably stuffed away in a box. He offered to lend me his in the meantime. He won’t be at work tomorrow, so I guess I will have to wait until Wednesday.

I sent an email to the fella who originally made the PakYak, Jim Heter. He sent back an email and said that he will link to my blog from his site. How cool is that? I guess this means that I will need to be extra diligent about keeping the blog up to date with the progress on the kayak.

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