Fish Feeder Clutch Modifications

The fish feeder has a really neat clutch mechanism that allows you to modifiy the drum in 5 minute increments. This will also work well as a servo-saver, just incase somethig bad happens – I don’t want to strip out my servo or the gearing.
The unmodified servo bracket on the left and the unmodified clutch on the rightHere you can see half the clutch mechanism and a standard servo bracket.

The now-too-small servo bracket and trimmed off pieces and the modified clutch with the center cut outA little too much time with a side-cutters and a dremel left me with a hole too big, and a servo-mount too small. They don’t seat well to each other. The servo-mount is only slightly larger then the hole, and there are no flat surfaces to match up. It just wobbles around in the hole like a bobblehead doll.

The 2nd attempt at trimming down the servo bracketAs Terry Hansford always used to say, “I’ve cut it 3 times and it’s STILL too short!” I chopped up another servo bracket a little less aggresivly this time. It is still slightly small, but with a little bit of Epoxy, it should work.

A liberal dose of epoxy makes things all betterThe finished product. The epoxy tube says 24 hours before it is done curing, so in 8 hours, I am going to be playing with it *grin*. I think this will work, I now have a clutch that can be mounted to a servo. Posted by Picasa

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