Fish Feeder Final Assembly

At last, it comes toghether!!!!
Fish Feeder Final Assembly - lower ,ounting boltsHere you can see the lower stand-offs. They are simply bolts and nuts. I have the bolt tightened down and then have a second nut floating part way up the bolt to the height I need to get the servo to sit where it should. You can see in the photograph the double nuts on each lower bolt.

Fish Feeder Final Assembly - servo intalled with the support bracket visableAs all my good friend know, I like to over engineer things. I truly only needed the lower bolts, as the servo wanted to tip inwards. This tipping would have held the clutch halves together well enough. Not willing to leave well enough alone, plus, I made a special trip to Walmart on Easter Sunday, I added in the top bolts, plus a bracket to hold the battery case back on (I had cut tab and the thing-that-the-tab-goes-into off the battery case cover).

Fish Feeder Final Assembly - the servo sticking out the back even looks kinda coolHere the servo is mounted into the housing. It doesn’t look to bad, now does it? A little bit of tweaking the tightness of the bolts to get every thing squared up, and I should be done! Posted by Picasa

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