Cutting the long bolts down to size.

I couldn’t find bolts that where 5/8ths, or 7/8ths or 9/8ths, so I had to make them.

Wire cutters with an extra rope handle grip From what I have found the best tool for the job is an electricians wire cutters. I am not fond of this style of wire cutter for doing electrical work, but the built in bolt cutters are the handiest! You can see that I “modified” this brand new pair of Channel Locks brand wire cutters with a extra padded handle. I knew I was going to be cutting a lot of bolts and this makes it easier on the hands.

Wire cutters cutting a bolt You thread the bolt into the threaded side of the bolt cutter.

Wire cutter cutting a bolt. I wanted to cut 1/8th of an inch of the bolt off. This is about the thickness of the tool. I found that if I run 2 threads out past the end of the tool, I get the perfect length.

Cut bolt After you cut the bolt, you have to unthread the bolt from the cutter. This acts like a die and cleans up the threads on the bolt.

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