Countersinking the nuts

braces being drilled I thought long and hard about how I am going to cut in the nuts. The instructions said to use a 3/8ths inch drill bit. Then I saw a spade bit in the store, and thought that’s perfect. It will give me a nice flat bottom. So, I use a spade bit to drill the holes. I figure that if I do all my braces in the matched pairs, at the same time, laied out so they mirror each other, I don’t have to worry about putting the nuts on the wrong side of a brace.

wooden brace with nuts recessed into the side Here is a brace with the nuts set. After this one, I lined up 2 edges of the nuts with the long side of the brace. I guess it is the perfectionist in me (some of my friends might have a different way to phrase it). It doesn’t really take any longer, and it looks neater when it is done.

 I haven’t decided for sure how I am going to cut off the bolts yet. I might use one of those cheap wire cutters with a bolt cutter in them. I think that will end up looking nicer. I would probably then clean up the tip a bit with my Dremel. I am thinking that using a cutoff wheel is going to leave cut marks on the nut. I could also cut it flush with a hacksaw.
I guess the lazys will win out and if it is easier unscrew the screw, and then nip it with the pliers, or if it is easier running a hacksaw on it’s side.

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