Folded up PakYak frame.

Side view of the boat frame folded up. The whole boat folds up into this little package of wood, aluminum, nuts and bolts. It isn’t folding too tight because I can’t be bothered with the details in the directions. Flat Head Screws, not pan head screws. Oh well, I got some now, so lets see what it looks like with the correct hardware.

The boat frame folded up Isn’t it cute? It’s like looking down into a crib at a newborn. It isn’t all that much bigger then one. Well, not that one that was born a while ago in China.

The boat frame folded up It looks like an alligator ready to eat my empty Mt. Dew bottle. Ok, so it is late and I am tired.

Folded up PakYak boat frame. The folded frame doesn’t sit that tall for the 12 foot long version of the boat. If I make the stringers longer, the short braces and whatnot will have more of a gap between them in the middle. I would like to make the boat an inch or two wider, but I think I would need to re-figure more then just adding an inch to the length of all the short wooden braces. I think I would need to make the holes in the aluminum farther apart if I want it to fold up tight, and that would make the boat taller, which I don’t want. Hrmm, I will have to think about this one.

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