Waiting on parts for my fish feeder

Well, I am waiting on parts for my fish feeder. I am having trouble with the rabbitcore using both the servos and the webserver at the same time. The last one brought up is the one that works.

So, I orderd a Digilent SERVOCON AVR® based controller board to control the servo for the fish feeder.

According to UPS:

Your package is in the UPS system and is on time with a scheduled delivery date of 04/26/2006.

This controller board will also allow me to not rely on the programming board or having to recreate parts of it when I deploy my Fish Feeder.

I will work on the scheduling software untill it comes, and then I just need to re-write the scheduling side to accomidate the web interface, and the control side to talk to the servos. Great fun! Always easier the 2nd time around, right?

Then next come the controls for the lights…

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