Beer Brats!

Three kinds of brats, Johnsonville Stadium, Turkey, and local Deli, and a large onion in my new crockpot

Tonight is the cooking club night. Tonights theme, backyard barbeque. Several of my friends have NOT HAD A BRAT! You get back in your chair yet? No… I will give you a moment. Ok, settled now? Good. No brats, I couldn’t believe it either. So, I am going to fix this. Seeing that I have this brand new crockpot, I am going to try to cook the bratwurst in it.

From left to right - Onions, Turky Brats, Onions, Johnsonville Stadium Brats, Onions, Local Publix Deli Brats, and Last but not least - more Onions

The cooking club is loosely (er, very loosely) based on the Cooking Light magazine. We are supposed to be trying to cook healthy and all. Ok, I got a package of turkey brats. Never had them before, but they are on the left there. In the middle are Johnsonville Stadium brats. They are precooked, so I am worried they might be overcooked by the time they are put on the grill. On the right, are the local Grocery Store Deli brats. Only 1 package of them. I checked ALL the sausages in the deli department.

I don't think 2 beers is enough for these brats

My friends know that I am not a beer drinker. The only way I could walk out of the store without spending $10 or more on beer that I won’t drink is to by a 4 pack of pint sized cans (16 oz.). Two of them are in this photo along with the largest sweet onion in the produce department. Your right, need more beer.

Three pints of beer in 5 minutes and the brats are finally happy

Another pint of Miller later, I think the brats and onions look happy now. Get these all cooked up. Grill them tonight untill they are nice and tasty. Hopefully there will be leftovers so I have some for lunch tomarrow…

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