Chicken Fried Rice

It sucks cooking for yourself!
I had cooking club this weekend, but ended up not going. That is AFTER I bought $50 worth of groceries for it. I couldn’t find any rice paper at any of the local markets. Katie was down, and I would have had to send her home really early in order to go to a market that had some.

Now, to eat up these groceries…

What do you do with bean sprouts?
Chicken Fried Rice!
Chicken Fried Rice
Chicken Friend Rice
Publix brand Frozen Seasoning Mix (onions, peppers, and some other stuff too)
Chicken Broth
Soy Sauce
Bean Sprouts
Chicken Fried Rice 
I put the frozen veggies on to warm up a bit. Cooked 1 cup of rice with 1 can of reduced sodium chicken broth (covered) until most of the moisture was gone. I then added the chicken and cooked the 4 eggs before I stirred them in. Soy sauce and bean sprouts very last so I didn’t cook them to death.
Chicken Fried Rice 
It actually tasted pretty good! I am quite proud of myself. Not that it was really hard. Just a matter of doing it. I even washed my pan the same night! Well, I wanted to hard boil the rest of the eggs so they wouldn’t go bad.
Chicken Fried Rice I had gotten something new, it’s called Hoisin Sauce. It is pretty good.

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