Sautéed green beans with shaved asiago cheese

Sautéed green beans with shaved asiago cheese

This little gem of a recipe is from a friend at work. Yes, That friend, of MANGIAA fame. She is so funny, I know she loves to cook Italian, so I always ask her for recipes and advice. She gets SO excited that she brings in a can of this, or a jar of that which is impossible to find in a store. This time she gave me a jar of Alessi Ira Diavolo Italian Red Chili in Extra Virgion Olive Oil. This stuff is freak’n awesome man. It has great heat without tasting like your chewing on a jar of Tabasco sauce. I opened it when she gave it to me, touched the inside of the lid and stuck my finger in my mouth. WOW, that lit me up pretty good. I think I am going to like this stuff.

Anyway, this is one of the two awesome sounding recipes that she gave me for tonight’s supper club.

One large bag of green beans
4 cloves garlic sliced extra extra paper thin
Imported asiago cheese in a wedge
Extra virgin Olive oil – coat the bottom of the pan about ¾ of an inch
1 cup dry white wine
Kosher Salt

In a large frying pan on med-high heat sauté garlic in olive oil until lightly toasted golden brown.

Add 2-3 chili peppers or three drops of the pepper oil to make it hotter.

Add green beans. Toss until green beans are fully coated with the oil.

Add wine and put heat on high stirring frequently until wine is reduced by half and beans are still firm add kosher salt to taste.

Put beans in a warm serving plate (you can put platter in a warm oven until beans are ready).

Shave large thick ribbons of asiago over beans with a cheese shaver or knife and serve.

Cooking Tips:
Wash and clean green beans before you put the garlic on. I couldn’t clean the beans fast enough, and the first couple of handfuls that went in got a little over cooked.
I like my beans still crunchy. I overcooked mine.

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