I talked to Amy today. She IMed me.

She is doing well. She got a promotion at work. A big pay raise and people that report to her.

It’s been 6 months since we broke up. I don’t think about her anymore unless somebody asks about her. It’s been months since I have had dreams about her. A friend of mine says I am not over her yet, but If I don’t think about her at all anymore, I am over her right? I still miss my best friend of five and a half years however. That’s the only thing that hurts still, loosing access to my best friend for so long. I wish she wasn’t a bridge burner…

I went out with a friend and a couple of her friends after the cooking club this last weekend. One of her friends is single. We went bowling at the biggest bowling alley I have ever seen. We where on lane 46. I would guess there where 75 lanes in the place. I hadn’t bowled in years. Double digit bowler here isn’t very good. First frame of the night was a spare, it went downhill from there. I tried talking to the single friend. She is an accountant, and she recently got a parking spot for her car at the condo complex where she lives. That is about how far that conversation went. I guess I didn’t impress her much. The place closed up at 1 on a Saturday night. Crazy.

It was decided that going to a bar was in order. Great. Smoke, Loud music and nothing in the place to drink. Off we went. The 5 of them now started off with shots and a mixed drink. I did my usual wall-flower thing. At one point, the single friend said “I was funny.” I know it wasn’t anything I had said, I can’t hear, and thus talk, when there is that much noise going on, so I hadn’t participated in any of the screaming into each other’s ears that was going on. I guess she meant odd or strange. I don’t think I impressed the single friend much at all, she proceeded to get good and drunk and I would swear was trying to get some stranger to take her home (she kept getting closer and closer and closer to him – practically in his lap after about 15 minutes. Him and his buddy where trying their best to ignore her).

My friend, the single friend, and I had all ridden together in my friend’s PT Cruiser. Somehow, we gained a body. One of the guys got left by his buddy. Some friend. So, closing time (well near enough) it’s decided it’s time to leave. I offer to drive. Great, an unfamilier vehicle and three old buddies lit up – yelling, screaming, and beating on each other as only drunk old friends can do. Three different people giving me three different sets directions to hopefully three different versions of where the foundling lives. I am surprised I didn’t get pulled over for driving drunks – spontanious lane shifts in order to make a left turn at the intersection where I was to turn right just moments prior. Stopped at green lights while a decision is made as to where to go next. The foundling’s street is found. The single friend promptly passes out in the passenger seat. I finally deposit the PT Cruiser at it’s home, get into my car and drive home. It’s after 4 am.

Six years.

I was never any good at this nonesense before hand, and then to be six years out of practice?

I guess this is my cry for help.

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