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It’s amazing how time flies. It seems like I don’t blog anymore, even though I think about doing it a lot.

WordPress has finally been updated to the latest version. I was leary at first to do it, I have so many goofy plugins installed, that I was afraid they were not going to work. They all seem to, so that was a waste of a perfectly good worry.

My tweets finally work correctly. I use the Automatic Category Excluder plugin, which I had set up incorrectly, so it was squashing my tweets posts. I had to turn ALL my plugins off, and turn them back on one by one until I figured out what plugin was doing it. Than it was just a few seconds to see what was wrong. The posts are hidden on the home page and RSS feed, I figure if people are coming to my blog, they don’t want to see my twitter chitter unless they followed me on twitter. But, being that it’s the bulk of my content these days, it is visible on all other sections of the site.

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