I have a problem.
Blogger is halting publishing over FTP soon.

I publish this blogger blog over FTP so I have access to PHP in my template. This allows me to do a few things, like have my own static content, but most importantly, my interleaved twitter feed into the blog content on the main page.

I use a lot of google tools, such as picassa, google reader, etc. and they all have tight blogger integration. It makes things easy.

I tweet more then I blog now days, so having the unified tweet/blog timeline is the coolest feature of my blog right now. The little ‘widget’ on the side bar just doesn’t cut it for me.

If I switch to hosted blogger, I will lose the ability to tweet to my blog. I suppose I could have the RSS feed of my tweets posted to my blog, but I am not sure I like that idea. I like being able to format my tweets they way I like to. I don’t want them to appear as just another blog post.

I could switch to something like WordPress, and write my own module that does the twitter tweets on the home page like how I want, but then I loose the easy of publishing using google tools.

I suppose I could possibly have a blogger blog set up and have the wordpress blog consume and publish off of the RSS feed. I would need to have a ‘blank’ template with a redirect to the wordpress blog then. I’d have to be careful not to get dinged by google for doing ‘blackhat SEO’ type stuff though.

So, I am stuck. I have a clock that’s ticking, no time to actually DO anything about it, and no clue which path to take!

Any ideas, suggestions?

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