Upgrading to Beta Blogger

How Frustrating.

I have been watching Blogger Beta for a while now, wanting access at the “labels” feature. These would give me a great way to organize my blog on topics and not just by date. My posts have a few natural groups and no easy way to clump them together.

I would switch to wordpress, simplog, or roll my own blog engine except that, well, I am a Google Geek and use all of their tools. Picassa & Docs (which is what I am writing this post in right now with), gmail, and the list goes on. Everything just works so well together. I don’t dislike blogger, I just want some of the “modern” features that beta promises.

So, today I come across http://knownissues.blogspot.com/2006/10/initial-release-of-blogthis-from-picasa.html which says Picassa is now supposed to work with Blogger Beta. Great! A friend tested it for me and he got it to work.

I make the switch.


Guess what, it doesn’t work! I can’t use the new templates because I FTP publish my site (please don’t let FTP publishing die Blogger, PLEASE!). OK, no biggie, I am clever, I still have the original blog that I don’t FTP to my sever. I can play with the template there, and copy it to my main blog. WRONG. Well, when they publish an API, hopefully they let me emulate the features I want via AJAX or something.

However, the bad news doesn’t stop there! Oh No. I can’t publish to my main blogs with Picassa. I can publish to the test blog. Great. Either a template issue or an FTP issue. I did a lot of twiddleing with this and that. The only thing I can come up with is that it’s either the template or FTP publishing.

Blogger, what are you guys doing over there? Why does my choice in DISPLAYING a blog affect how your software ACCEPTS it?

Frustrated. I broke my blog even though I was being very careful not to.


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