I was madder then a wet hen at work today. So I decided I needed to eat a Pomegranate.

I don’t think Pomegrantes are designed to be peeled like oranges. I hurt my thumb by lifting the nail trying to peel it this way.

I am a putz, I need to ptuz with stuff. To blow off steam from the day I needed to fiddle with something that I don’t have to worry about breaking. What better then eating a Chinese Apple as they are called one Kernal at a time. I am half way through eating my Pomegranate and I am feeling better aleady.

There is something rewarding about ripping an object apart and shoving the peices into your mouth after a hard day at work. Almost as relaxing as shooting a rifle.

Anyway, why I am mad. I again had the realization that organizations are run by people, and people by and by are basically clueless. I have been told, and have spent a lot of time at work operating under a particular premise. Well, I learned in the last 2 working days that the powers that be had no !@#$%^ clue and pulled said premise out of the only orface that is opposite the direction they SHOULD be looking. They would still be clueless tomarrow if I wasn’t there to figure it out for them.

I feel taken advantage of and lied to


Did you know that a signifacant portion is under 3%. Feh…


I still remember the feeling when I realized a few years ago that the people who make stuff are just like you and me. Boeng airplanes, your car, guns, washmachines, microwaves. All designed by people. Persons. Individuals. The guy and gal that just walked past you on the sidewalk.

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