RAGFL Realtor Rally 2006

Here is part of the crowd for the food at the end of the day

Today was a LOOOOOOooooonnnnnnggggggg day. We had our annual tradeshow today. I was “invited” to attend – read PUT TO WORK.

I am happy though, I was given a radio this year. I only had to walk from one end to the other 3 or 4 times as opposed to the 9 or 10 times that I did last year. Last year I was chasing moving targets blind. This year I knew when they where looking for me and could hide more effectivly **grin**. Actualy, the only time that they called for me and I didn’t jump right on it was when I was eating my lunch.

I spent half the day printing up name-badges. I had suggested that we bring a laptop and a printer this year as last year we didn’t have an introduction for one of our speakers. last year and it was a big deal to get it. The big boss lady pooh-poohed the idea when I brought it up earlier this week. One of the other “big” people thought it was a good idea. So we brought one along. I also went around yesterday and gathered up digital copies of everything people had printed to bring along and put it on my USB drive. Guess what, we needed something printed off again. YAY me. Too bad the big boss man or the big boss lady won’t recognize it. so, that disaster averted, I ended up spending half the day printing out namebadges for the vendors that just showed up. Next year, I am bringing a paper cutter too. Better yet, we need to do a better job of getting vendor names before hand. I would swear that there where as many vendors as attendees judging from the number of extra badges I needed to print up.

My feet are threatening secession if the rest of me doesn’t go to bed soon. That would make wandering around the Fort Lauderale Air and Sea show difficult tomorrow. Posted by Picasa

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