My Mess at work.

my mess at workThis week has been a tough one. First, my boss got offered an awesome job that sounds like it comes with a hefty pay raise from another company. Half my friends at work have moved on now. I am going to really miss her.

Tomorrow is our annual Tradeshow, so we have been working like mad to try and make that go well.

This weekend is the Air and Sea show. The Blue Angels where buzzing around town all day today. Pretty cool. I am going to the show on Saturday with Chris and a few of his friends it sounds like.

I haven’t been sleeping well again lately, I was up at 3am programming in my head last night. I am migrating the websites to a new server, and some of the code is behaving badly.

At home it seems like I have been so busy, but I haven’t gotten anything done. I can’t even tell you what I have been doing. No playing UO, no reading of books, no nothing.

I got my hair cut tonight. Hopefully he got the lazy hairs…. Posted by Picasa

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