Getting your nails done…

First off, it is WAY to bloody warm out for the middle of February. 77 degrees? I am MELTING into my boots.

Anywho, I got today off. I went over to my friend Keara’s for a while so I wasn’t staring at my walls all day long. She needed to get her nails done. Fine, I will ride along. There was a Cost Cutters next door, so I got my hair cut while I was waiting for her to get her nails done. My haircut was much quicker, so I ended up watching.

Let me tell you… That was the NEATEST thing I saw all day!

Guys, get your ladies a gift card to get their nails done sometime. The fancy acrylic white tips on pink, french manacure or whatever they call it. Go watch. You will learn a lot. You had better, becuase it ISN’T CHEAP!

It is quite a process. They used powdered Acryclic and solvent to do it. They dip a paintbrush in the solvent, and then dip that into a small jar of acrylic powder. The solvent quickly dissolves the powder into the consitancy of… of… thick enamal paint maybe? They then can paint the acrylic on the nail at almost a sixteenth of an inch thick. A second dip of the brush into the solvent, and they shape the nail.

Why is this so interesting? Just think of all the things you can do! This stuff would be awesome for modeling, filling holes in stuff, whatever. You can basically paint plastic at a sixteenth of an inch at a time. The solvent evaporates very quickly, so you only get a short working time, but that also means you only need to wait seconds instead of minutes or hours for other filler material to set.

If I am right, the solvent will work on ABS, Acrylic and polystyrene. So you should be able to get a good bond to most types of plastics that are used in making stuff at home if you work the material right.

Now, I know that doing nails and customizing that model car kit are 2 totaly different animals. I also know that the guys I watched are probably REALLY good at what they do, and it is NOT the trivial task that they made it seem at the nail salon.

So, get the girls their nails done, go along for the ride. She will think your being a sweetheart, and you will learn a cool plastic working technique.

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