Double Date

This is the 2nd time I am writing this, so it is much shorter then it originally was.

Katie came down this weekend. She did the surprise drop in thing. We had talked about her coming down this last weekend earlier, but she didn’t have a car. She bought an old van, but isn’t comfortable driving it that far yet (if ever, I guess it is really tired). She ended up deciding that she wasn’t coming down at the begining of the week. Well midweek, her brother (thanks Todd) lent her his truck and she kept it a secret.

She shows up at 5:15 or so at my place and I am not home. Her cell is broke, so she goes to the CVS and calls from the pay phone. I don’t answer unknown numbers (so send me your number if you want me to pick up your call – the new phone has 31 numbers in it thus far), but when it rang for the 4th time I answered it. I was at a bar. Ooohps. I go home and pick Katie up, and go back to the bar. She met some of the peeps from work. We had a workshop that day and a bunch of the office went to this new bar down the street.

I gave Keara a call, and re-scheduled the double date I cancelled earlier in the week. We went to Taverna Opa’s for dinner. There was a toga party that night. Odd…

Keara and her new boyfriend Dan. She is as taken by him as I am by Katie. Funny how Keara and I both found such wonderful people at the same time! The race is on…
Katie really doesn’t like this photo. I don’t know why, I think she is cute! We where waiting for breakfast at the Egg & You Diner by where I live in Fort Lauderdale. She had the Steak and Eggs and Pancakes and I had Biscuits and Gravy. Posted by Picasa

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