Visiting Lakeland Florida.

Katie and her Niece ArinI went to up to Lakeland Florida this weekend. I met most of Katie’s Family. Lets see, Dad Mike, Mom Ellen, I stayed with Brother Todd and wife Sarah, brother Andy and Wife Cara with child Arin stoped to visit along with Brother Matt, Brother Pat and best friend Amy also stopped in. I didn’t get to meet brother Mike and Sister Angela. Fwew. I think I got all of them. Oh, wait, Kitty Buster and dogs Bear and Shelby. I think I got them all. One, two three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Oh oh, who did I miss? Oh, last but not least, Katie nine! YAY, I passed the test! Just don’t ask me to put them in order of age!

Katie and IWe didn’t really do all that much, met family, talked to family, ate with family. I am not used to that much family! We went to 2 different chinese buffets, Pizza, Dennys for breakfast thursday night, icecream, Wendys, and where else…

Katie and IWe played a cutthroat game of Cranium. That was a lot of fun! Andy and ‘Dad’ won. Oh, I was shown some pretty neat magic tricks. I am going to have to go out and get some new cards to practice with.

Katie and BusterI got a tour Lakeland. Katie drove me around and showed me town. Oh, I also got a free 23 minute tour of Bartow. Katie had said ‘keep left on 60’, business 60 takes a left turn into downtown Bartow. Great fun! Not Really, driving around after dark somewhere you have never been before. Not my idea of a good time. Well, actually, I thought it was kinda funny. I get to tease Katie about her directions. Hopefully she doesn’t get the idea to tease me about my driving. 

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