Sister had her kittens this morning.
I woke up to quite a surprise!

Let me lay this out for you. I have a bed frame that I put storage tubs under. Monday, I had to access some stuff in one of them, so I had two of them pulled out, one stacked on top of the other. This was next to my bed.

Sister, the breaker of tradition that she is, decided to have her kittens on what is essentially a table top – the top of the tub next to my bed.

So, I wake up to see Brother sitting on the tub, staring at Sister. I was a tad confused until I counted cats. 1 – 2 – 2 and a quarter. Oh, I got a kitten head on the tub. By the time I get up and over to the tub, the kitten is born.

Go Sister!

So now, sister is doing her thing – not to bad for a first time mom. I am coaching her. 1) Like I know what I am talking about. HA! 2) Like she can understand me anyway.

She stands up to great me good morning and gets a little freaked out. There is a kitten attached to her. Sister still hadn’t passed the afterbirth for that kitten, so the kitten was hanging on by the umbilical cord. This quite freaks sister out. She starts running around in circle chasing this little kitten who’s ‘hello’ to the world is to basically get beat up by mom’s knees. I had to stop sister and hold her down for a moment so she could reach around and touch the kitten.

It was quite funny. Guess you had to be there.

So, kitten is going to fall off of large flat surface. I go get the box I had prepped and stashed under the bathroom sink – where I had first thought Sister was going to give birth as she has been letting herself into the cabinet and scoping it out for a few weeks now. I hold the box up next to the tubs and in Sister goes. I scoop up kitten and it it goes too.

I go to take my shower, and do a head count when I am done. 1 – 2 – 3 – 4. You can stop there Sister, really you can. One kitten to chew on the other.

So, I rearrange the room a couple of times trying to get sister, who is now in a large storage tub as the box seemed a bit cramped, a good ways ‘up’, and high enough that Brother can’t get a vantage place to look down on her. As that seemed to make her nervous.

Brother was a good boy this whole time. Quite calm and relaxed. OK, he looked like he was exhausted! Goofy cat. Sister did all the hard work.

So, I get home from work over lunch to check on everybody. Sister meets me at the door like she usually does. ‘Sister, why aren’t you tending to your kittens!’. She runs over to the kittens and checks on them and looks at me like ‘they are there’. I do a quick count. 1 – 2 – 3 little kittens in the tub. So, I fuss over the kittens and Sister and Brother too so he wouldn’t get all jealous. Back to work I go.

I come home from work, and Brother and Sister meet me at the door again, like normal. Sister, are you such a bad mother?

Check on the kittens. Still 3. Good, I only have three cute as a button problems to deal with.

Anybody want a kitten? Cheaper by the quarter dozen!

So I fuss over the cats, and kittens, and go to the kitchen to make supper.

Home made bread – used up the partial bags of different flours I had. I am eating my stir fry i made and turn around when I hear a little ‘mew’. Here sister brought a kitten into the dining room and was looking around for a place to hide it. I ask her what she is doing, and she puts it down it at my feet.

So, I go and fetch her tub with the other 2 kittens, and bring it into the dining room. She picks up her kitten, and in she hops.

So, I got a co-dependent mama cat who doesn’t want to be in a room by herself.

I took some photos. They are terrible. I can’t find my digital camera, so I took them with the cell phone. I also took some videos and uploaded them onto Youtube, but there is no sound. I will need to re-upload the videos at some point soon and see if I can get sound. When I get the photos de-uglified and the videos a wee bit louder, I will post them here.

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  1. hmm yes inbreading joys sorry mike I can’t take cats at my place though i know your family could use them to patrol the yard.


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