Crazy couple of weeks!

The last couple of weeks has been crazy! My apologizies to those who read this (that’s just you mom) for not posting recently.

I finially got myself something frivolious. My trusty PDA & cell phone is finally dieing – the screen is going bad. So I am replacing it 1 piece at a time. The PDA is being replaced with a Nokia 770 Internet Tablet. I bought one off of eBay the Thursdy before the Dave concert. I absolutly love it, it has no contact management software, it’s very slow, and doesn’t have enough memory, but it’s the coolest thing ever! I am actually in bed right now pecking this post out.

I have no idea where the time goes. I haven’t even gotten much of a chance to play with the Nokia much. I have been absolutely exhausted after work. I have been going to bed early. Nothing has gotten done. I haven’t even been playing UO during the week.

I had 2 friend’s birthdays to go to. Last weekend 7 of went out to Taverna Opa for dinner, which was a lot of fun if not too loud. Gabby and I went to Kyojin’s for sushi again, it was her turn this time which was good otherwise I couldn’t have gone as the birthdays and weekend soaked up all my mad-money. Somewhere in there was a PHP meetup, and maybe a Webdesign meetup, or was that the week before? I don’t remember.

Tonight was Supper Club night. I made the Cheesey Potato Soup that I had made for one of the birthday parties. Tonights came out better, I didn’t curdle the milk this time. Everyone’s dishes were good tonight. There was even Mt. Dew to drink!

I was invited to go out to a club by a friend with some of her friends tonight, but I guess it would have been $20 for me to get in. I could have scratched that together, but that is too much money to go somewhere that is too loud for me. I just have a hard time enjoying myself when I am shut off from everyone because of the noise.

I ended up stopping by a place called Pat’s Place which was a few blocks from where dinner was tonight. A gal from work sings there regularly and had asked several times if people from work wanted to stop in.

Maybe it’s because I am doing stuff and having fun that the time is flying? Who’d a thunk that!

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