Finally some flipp’n rain!

Finally some rain from Tropical Storm ErnestoHey Mr. Weatherman, if your gonna shut down half of a bloody State over a little bit of bad weather, at least let it RAIN the first day. The anticipation is driving me NUTS! I have done more walking in the sunshine today then I have in a good long time. What’s the big idea, waiting until night before you send the rain. I can’t watch it pour out in the dark! Your taking all the fun out of the bad weather Mr. Weatherman.

Ok, enough complaining.

I have today and tomarrow off. Well, I did work a little today. I walked over to the office to close the last of the hurricane shutters that we left up so the cleaning crew could do their job. It was rolled down when I got there, so maybe the cleaners did it? The other thing I did was add the words “and Wednesday, August 30, 2006” to the website. I hope this means I get paid for a full day of work!

It looks like Cuba took all the fight out of Ernesto. I am glad I am not on the north east coast of Cuba right now. Posted by Picasa

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