Packing up my Tent

2 weekends ago, I finally got my tent set up to air out. The tent had been packed up for a few years, so it was time to set it up. I let it get rained on, and some windy days to work the wrinkles out of the tent. When fabric sits folded too long, the creases can set, and the cloth can tear along the creases. I don’t want that to happen.
I patched up a few spots that needed it with some patch tape. I also sewed up a weak spot on the rain fly that I had hand sewn last time I used the tent. The bag had a 4 inch tear on one of the seams, so I sewed that back together.

I remember getting the tent at Walmart. It is HUGE! 18’x12′ It has 2 doors, and 2 curtains, so I can have 3 different rooms in the tent. I have a large rug in the living room I had gotten for college that fits in the tent quite well. So when I use the tent, I use that rug to keep from walking through the floor. I really like this combination.

When I went outside to rub the tent down to get it good and clean, it started to rain! Of course!
Well, move on to another project and when the tent dries out, go back out and finish packing it up.

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