Making a Cat Bed

My First Project on my new sewing machine. I decided to make a cat bed for the cats. I don’t have a pattern, so I will make it up as I go along.

Here is my new sewing machine and the fabric I picked out for making the cat bed. I set it up on a folding table I got in college.

I made up the sides as a single long piece of fabric. Here you can see the batting I am adding to the sides. I am using quilt batting as it is flat and I can roll it up and shove it in the side.

Here is the side made up.

Here I am sewing up the bottom. Round and Round I went, I think I went around this thing about 4 times playing with my new machine.

Here I am making the pattern for the bottom. I am using a sheet of butcher paper. It’s the only large paper I have in the house as I don’t read newspapers.

I folded the paper in half, and halfed that and halfed that, etc. until I had this little wedge. A single cut gave me a perfect circle shape.

Here is the pattern on my fabric. I have the fabric doubled up so I can cut the top and bottom at the same time.

SNIP SNIP SNIP. I have a nice circle cut out now.

Here is the sewn up bottom. I cut out a couple of layers of batting for the bottom smaller then the fabric.

Here is the finished cat bed. Looks pretty sharp, eh?

Here is the bottom view. I know the cats would drag this thing around until they find a place they want it at, so I tried to make the underside look decent as well as the top.

Hrmmm… Design flaw. I don’t think Sister will fit into it comfortably.

Sister doesn’t know what to make of it.

If I push hard, I can get Brother to fit. Back to the drawing board, I need to make this bed about half again as large.

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