I got my Misumi order in today

I tried putting it in this weekend, but I guess there isn't much 2020 left. I was forced to quote. So I got less 2020 and more 1515. I am assuming that their deal is to get me hooked, and I expect it will. 

I know what my first 2 projects will be.

I am going to make a CNC platform for sewing embroidery using my el-cheapo black friday sewing machine. I should be able to do this quite easily with my smoothieboard. The only tough part I think will be software, generating the gcode.  My sewing machine is very basic (I intentionally got a pure mechanical when I got it) so I should be able to swap out the built in motor with a stepper motor and each stitch is a nice even value in gcode, probably 100 indicating 100%.

The other project is I want a CNC feed for my drill press. I want to make a bunch of openstructures compatible wooden beams. That would mean drilling a LOT of holes, so I think that the drill press shall be automated to do that for me. I can code up something to kick out the gcode for that in a big hurry, very simple.

Does somebody want to borrow a couple of really cute kids for a few hours so I can concentrate on making robots that can make stuff? I can't yet incorporate them into the process.

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  1. dang, i'd do you for that, engineer to engineer, but i live in CA so kid transport could be kinda rough … in the meantime, you really think a drill press is better than a vertical mill for that task ?

    edit: in the meantime, if you own a drillpress and not a vertical mill, you're still ahead of me!

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