I love having a 3D printer in the house

A new hobby is botany. So I made up a leather tool roll and bought some tools. A self closing tweezers is on the list, but I would need to order one. I thought I could print a decent one. I was right. Nothing available to download on the thing sites yet, so I designed […]

I've been without a 3d printer for over half a year now

They both just kept breaking while working on some stuff for http://enablingthefuture.org/ and my bubble gum repairs wasn't holding them together anymore. My 'Scribbler' (named in part for it's original creator and the fact that I have it set up for fast, sloppy prints) is the easier fix as I can fix it with tools […]

A few months back, I gave a hand to Layla

Literally. http://bit.ly/hotpinkcyborgbeast I worked with a couple other volunteers in the evenings for a few months to create a website where people can go to easily create prosthetic hands for kids. Like Layla. This website tool has been called the Hand-O-Matic. Layla's hand was the very first hand to come from this website. http://bit.ly/handomatic Welcome to the […]

I rebuilt the extruder on my Delta #RepRap again

I rebuilt the extruder on my Delta #RepRap again. Trying different things to find something that works for me. This is a cable-laced short bowden tube with no 'real' connectors. Quick and dirty, but it seems to be working well so far. In album Repaired stubby bowden tube The cable lacing is where the hold-it-all-together […]

The RepRap revolution started 6 years ago, today.

6 years ago today in the AM there was 1. In the PM 2. Now there are tens of thousands. #RepRap http://blog.reprap.org/2008/06/reprap-achieves-replication.html pic.twitter.com/fmzzo7Cep9 — Adrian Bowyer (@adrianbowyer) May 29, 2014 6 years ago, today is when the first ‘child’ printer was created. 6 years ago, today, the RepRap revolution started. RepRaps, or Reproducing Rapid Prototypers […]