Sump Pump, Aquaponics & Aquarium water level monitoring

I seem to like flooding my basement… Usually by overfilling one of my aquariums, or intentionally putting 55 gallons of water in a 45 gallon aquarium. Sometimes, I overfill the swimming pool in the back yard. So I decided to put together a monitoring system. It will monitor my sump pump, letting me know when […]

The RepRap revolution started 6 years ago, today.

6 years ago today in the AM there was 1. In the PM 2. Now there are tens of thousands. #RepRap — Adrian Bowyer (@adrianbowyer) May 29, 2014 6 years ago, today is when the first ‘child’ printer was created. 6 years ago, today, the RepRap revolution started. RepRaps, or Reproducing Rapid Prototypers […]

I think I invented something

A laminar flow pipe reducer for a pump housing. At least, a little bit of Google searching hasn't shown me another. I am trying to find a cheaper way to heat the 75 gallon aquaponics system in the basement. It's really running closer to 125 gallons of water with a LOT of surface area. This bleeds heat […]

Tearing down a 75 gallon tank to clean up water

My Overflow box strikes again! This thing is the bane of my carpeting! This time, it caused a flood in a different way. The drain tubes fell out of the tank. They stayed put for over a month, then fell out twice within 6 hours. I don’t get it. Trying to dry out under the […]