I love having a 3D printer in the house

A new hobby is botany. So I made up a leather tool roll and bought some tools. A self closing tweezers is on the list, but I would need to order one. I thought I could print a decent one.

I was right.

Nothing available to download on the thing sites yet, so I designed something in OpenScad. It took 2 ten minute prints to get it right. Cost is a quarter each set.

The two halves are "rivited" together with a bit of plastic filament.

I love the future. 

In album 6/28/15

My botany books and my botany tool roll. And the kids playing in the yard while I work up this catnip plant ( I got for mosquito repellant for the kids ) in both the books.

I designed and 3D printed this self closing tweezers to hold plants so I can look at them with the loupe.

It was a bit difficult reading through the books with the kids interrupting me with new plants to look up about every 90 seconds. Luckily I know a good portion of what’s in the yard so I could quickly send them off, looking for more.

The tweezers are the expensive bit – from the eyebrow-plucking section in Walmart. The Loupe and ‘microscope’ loupe are out of China on Ebay. Cost less than one of the eyebrow tweezers. Crazyness.

My 3d printed self closing tweezers are the most awesome, of course, but that is just me thinking highly of them.

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  1. I recently picked Newcomb's up at half Price Book Store. My wife thought I found a hundred dollar bill in it or something when I saw it. 

    I just got the Botany in a Day book. This one sucks for getting to a particular plant species, but is great for getting to the family. There is also a lot of good info in it as far as edibility and medicnal uses.

    I am starting to work a known plant through both books. I think I like starting with the Botany in a Day book to ID to a family, than switch to Newcomb's for an actual plant ID. The keys are quite different, so if you can get an agreement between the two I am pretty confident I am good for at least the plant family if I have the species wrong on a subtle variation.

    I really wish such a thing as a waterproof Kindle Paperwhite existed along with digital copies of these two. 

  2. same shit mike, and apparently the older original book is highly preferred, seems like the common theme is much better pictures … i'll just have to look at the flowers 😉

  3. Yea, it's the Best Wildflower guide out there for this side of the Mississippi. It's all because of that simple Dichotomous Key that the book uses. When I learned to use it back in College for wildflowers and haven't used another wildflower book since. Amateur Naturalists, and the pro's love this book. It's now out of print as you know, the week word got out that it wasn't going to be available the price sky rocketed up to like $5oo it was crazy. Anyway I can't say enough about the awesomeness of the book, if you need a hand or have questions about it just let me know.

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