Breakfast is served.

I think these daylily photos I took this morning are technically better than the roses I took yesterday. Sharper. It's funny how much steadier you hold the camera when you don't have to pee.

I much on the unopened flowers.

I wonder if the girls would eat them if they picked them? Going to try it.

In album 6/18/15

Even though I tried not to, the flower ended up nearly in the center.

I think I was trying to compensate for the flower facing right and leaving room in the frame for this.

You spot the spider web? Feeble web.

Just a tad bit more flower. Not liking that they just touch the edge of the frame.

Not sure the composition is right on this one. Maybe step back and leave lots of green above and to the right?

I think this is my favorite of the set. Wishing it wasn’t a street and sidewalk in the background though.

The whole flower, but it’s just a flower picture. Uninspired.

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