A few months back, I gave a hand to Layla

Literally. http://bit.ly/hotpinkcyborgbeast

I worked with a couple other volunteers in the evenings for a few months to create a website where people can go to easily create prosthetic hands for kids. Like Layla. This website tool has been called the Hand-O-Matic. Layla's hand was the very first hand to come from this website. http://bit.ly/handomatic Welcome to the future. A future of 3D printers and where 2 measurements and half a dozen clicks and a custom prosthetic hand is created.

Time to finish this quest. 

I have given Layla a hand in the literal sense, I have given Layla a hand in the virtual sense by making it easy for her to get the ready-to-print files to make more hands as she grows. Now I am giving Layla a hand by helping her get her own 3D printer.

And I need your help.

November 8th, Layla's real-world community is getting together to finish what a virtual, on-line community started.

We are hosting a fund-raiser benefit to get Layla a 3D printer of her very own. We are going to get a computer that she can use easily with her 1 good hand. We are going to get her the supplies she needs to put new prosthetic hands together. And then this real, local, community is going to give the larger, virtual community a hand as everything above and beyond Layla's needs will be donated to http://enablingthefuture.org/ so we will give other kids a hand – Literally.

So come. Learn about the future. There will be 3d printers there that you can touch and ask questions about. Come, and be a part of a girls future and donate a few bucks – enter the raffle, bid on something in the silent auction.

Come and Give a Hand to Layla.

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Layla’s hand

Give a hand to Layla

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  1. +Laird Popkin +Ro Ortiz I've got the date for the fundraiser for the Layla with the Hot Pink hand. I couldn't have done it without you guys. +Aleksandr Jones A big thanks to you to, for picking up where I fell off. You all are heros in my book. +Jeremy Simon I will be getting in touch with you this week to get details settled for an order for Layla. Thanks for everything you do to help eNable.
    +Melina Brown the promotion kit you sent me will be put to good use!

  2. Is there something we can share outside of the community already? Or maybe the lovely Jen can do her magic and right a quick little blog post that we can pass around. +Mike Creuzer​ if you like, I can email area volunteers and recipients to let them know about the events. I love for recipients to actually meet each other!

  3. +John Olafson  A Max2 kit was the first printer I put on the suggestion list for her. It's the #2 printer recommendation. I put a Ultamachine2 at the top of the list mostly because it's shorter, and in theory should be easier to load for a 10 year old with 1 hand. I tried loading my EZstruder with 1 hand in my back pocket and struggled.

    Do you guys have any promo material I can print on paper and hand out? I suspect a lot of people will be interested in printers at the benefit.

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