I've been without a 3d printer for over half a year now

They both just kept breaking while working on some stuff for http://enablingthefuture.org/ and my bubble gum repairs wasn't holding them together anymore.

My 'Scribbler' (named in part for it's original creator and the fact that I have it set up for fast, sloppy prints) is the easier fix as I can fix it with tools and not printed parts.

I've only had the parts for maybe 3 months? Finally got to modifying the bits so they work together.

It's amazing how much better buying a few parts for a few bucks works.

In album Scribbler Short Bowden Tube mark 2

I machined part of the sholders off on the brass fitting so it would sit in the carrier and made a plastic nut. The intent is that it matches the groove mount that the EZstruder can work with so well.

The fitting now just sits in the EZstruder like it was made for it.

The bottom piece I just drilled out with a varibit, reamed a bit with a flat screwdriver and pushed hard to get the NPT threads to bite into the plastic. As long as this bit doesn’t get hot enough to soften the PLA I think I should be fine.

The updated short bowden tube.

A google plus auto-awesome animated gif. The right #3DBenchy failed due to a loose connection on the extruder wiring. The left one is my 2nd successful print with the new feed system. The current print is a few tweaks to get it to print faster, better.

Playing with the new Microsoft Hyperlapse app. Lets face it printing videos are only interesting to the people who’s machine it is. The print motion is a bit twitchy, but it’s a twitchy printer. The pan motion is very nice and smooth.

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