Preparing to Move

Busy Busy

How come it seems like the more stuff you have to do, the less of it that gets done?

I have only 4 rooms here. I was hoping to have the living room all packed up by end of this last weekend. It’s close, but not done. The only major items left in the living room is the computers. Not a big deal I guess. Tonight, I am planning on packing up the bulk of my bedroom. Tomorrow night, the bulk of the Kitchen. The bathroom isn’t a big deal to pack. The computer stuff is going to be a pain. There is just so much of it, and it’s rather fragile. The fishtank and the cats are going to take longer then I am planning – that tank always does.

My plan is to get the UHaul on Wednesday, and start loading it up. Either start driving that night (it would be really nice to be past Atlanta before I stop for the night) or early Thursday morning. I would like to be at my apartment by noon on Friday. That would give me all day Friday and Saturday to unpack. My friends offered to help me unpack on Saturday, I am hoping to not need their help (thanks everyone!).

Oh well, wish me luck.

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