Almost all packed.

Well, I am almost all packed.
The Peterson’s came over and did a LOAD packing. 5 of them, probably about 4 hours. Yeah, without their help, I wouldn’t have been packed this time tomorrow.


I have a little bit of packing to do tomorrow, the computer and a few little things. I also have to break the fish tank down and get that road-ready.

The plan is to leave at noon so we hit Atlanta tomorrow night around 7pm. Trying to avoid rush hour traffic. Probably keep driving till we are on the other side of Nashville before we stop. Leaving at 7am would put us into Elgin around 3pm or so.

Unpack a little on Friday, Finish on Saterday. Drive around a little bit. Sunday really early, drop Katie off at the air port for her flight back.

Work on Monday.

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  1. Thanks for the moving update! Good you had help. Seems to always take longer to get things done by yourself. And you got it all in? amazing. I hope things go good on the trip up north. Snow storm hitting the midwest on Friday. Good

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