You ever push and pull on something and expect it to move?

Well, it’s finally lunch time for me. I had to work for an hour and a half on a problem at my new job today.

I moved the ‘electronics hutch’ into the truck by myself. Let me tell you, I don’t think I will do that again anytime soon. When I bought it, it took both Katie and I to unload it out of my Escape.

I used some short 2x4s to lever it up onto the moving dollys I have. Then I double checked, I can’t go up the ramp with the 2 large ones sideways. Darn, rotate one, take one out, replace it with a small one.

 I rigged up some rope to the moving dolly so I can push from behind and pull from up front.

 Here I have the hutch in it’s ready, moving position. You can also see the gear I used to move it with. It would have been a funny video to watch my struggle with this thing up the ramp.

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