Electronics hutch base plans

Nearly full electronics hutch A while back I bought a computer hutch that I am using as an electronics hutch. My plans for it involve raising the whole thing up about 25 inches or so, and using a high bar stool with it so I can stand and work if I wanted to.

I thought it would be best if I ‘put it together’ using Google Sketchup. The joints are a little more complex then they need to be, as I like to build things where the fasteners don’t bear the load, they just hold everything together. Idealy, the screws and such just keep it from wobbling around, and the project sits together by itself.

cutting wooden pieces for the electronics hutch base Here is my pile of cut wood. I realized after I had cut everything, I read a demension out of sketchup as 16 inches, when it really said 1.6 feet. Oohps. Now I have to go get a new 2×4 and recut those 4 peices. Bummer.

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