The best laid plans of Mice and Men

Ok, I am sleeping in the living room right now. I figure after a year and a half of living in a bedroom, I can sleep in the living room for a month, right?
 My queen sized bed is in storage in Wisconsin. I bought a really nice Coleman queen sized air mattress for the time being. I want to build a bed frame that will allow me to have ample storage underneath it. Ok, my idea of ample storage is to put my table saw and other tools, plastic storage bins, and so forth underneath it. In my typical fashion, I want the whole thing to be easy to move – either by folding up, or easily disassembled (my idea of easily disassembled might be a bit more involved then other peoples as I can take the dash out of my 83 Mercury Cougar XR7 in 7 minutes and 38 seconds – ALL of it).

This basically means that I will need to strap the pieces to the roof of my Ford Escape as I don’t have a trailer to haul a sheet of plywood.

I am going to make the frame out of 2x4s and 2x6s and use that pre-cut shelving material to surface the ‘deck’ of the bed frame. The whole thing is going to be about 30 inches tall, so I have 24 inches of clearance underneath. That will put the bed at nearly 40 inches tall.

My ultimate plans are to wrap the frame in oak 1 inch material to make it look nice. It is either going to be a big 4 post bed, or have nice tall bed posts. I have a ceiling fan to work around – it will actually be INSIDE the bed frame if I end up doing the 4 poster idea – how is THAT for fancy?

Anyway, off to Lowes to see how long I will be eating PB&J sandwiches…

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